5 Easy and Effective Ways to Sanitize Your Vehicle

Life in the time of COVID-19 has changed the way a lot of us look at hygiene. Have you noticed how many more times you wash your hands throughout the day? Our desire to remain healthy and free of infection is a beautiful thing, and we are hopeful that these beneficial hygiene habits continue.

After all, we at Dowdy’s Automotive have implemented various means to protect everyone from spreading the virus. That is why we have gone touchless. To help reduce social contact exposure, we have the following options for vehicle pick up and drop off available at all five Treasure Valley store locations:

  1. Drop-off and Pick Up with No Staff Interaction or Building Entry Required
  2. Vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off at Your Location – some limitations apply
  3. Single Passenger Shuttle Service – some limitations apply
  4. For more information, follow this link: https://www.dowd/ysauto.com/coronavirus-message-from-ceo

But aside from what Dowdy’s Automotive team is doing, there are five easy and effective ways you can sanitize your vehicle. Here are some great ideas we thought you could use when you’re at home:

  1. Regular soap and water are two highly effective sanitation ingredients to remove germs, dust, and pollen from the exterior and interior of your vehicle. It may sound obvious, but giving your car a good scrub with water and detergent is a great way to keep it clean. Just don’t scrub too hard when washing the interior to avoid damaging any leather, wood, or upholstery.
  2. If you want to go beyond soap and water, purchase alcohol solutions made up of at least 70 percent alcohol in the ingredients. According to the Center for Disease Control, these solutions are effective against coronavirus. With a few exceptions, every interior surface of a vehicle can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Wear gloves to protect your skin. When your skin is protected, you reduce the risk of absorbing chemicals and developing small cracks that could invite infection. Protect those hands while sanitizing your vehicle, and your skin will feel less rough.
  4. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratches. Be sure to wipe down all surfaces that are frequently touched by hands and feet. For the interior, clean all door handles, locks, switches, knobs, floor mats, shifters, and the steering wheel. For the exterior, sanitize all door handles, keys, and doors. After you’re done using that soft cloth, wash it thoroughly.
  5. If you want to purchase an ozone generator, that could be an extra precaution you take to protect your beloved passengers. Ozone treatment is using ozone gas (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses. As the ozone gas permeates the interior of your car, it will kill any viruses or bacteria and neutralize odors. Even if you continue to use the ozone machine after the COVID-19 crisis has passed, you can still use it to get rid of smells like “wet dog” and cigarette smoke. 

When you need additional advice about how to take good care of your car so it can take care of you, we invite you to contact our auto repair team at any of our five Treasure Valley locations. Our goal is to be your convenient, neighborhood shop, where you know you’ll be treated with kindness and respect. That is why we have gone out of our way to offer a touchless auto repair experience so you can feel a little safer when getting your car serviced. Please be sure to schedule a service appointment if you desire our team to happily pick-up and deliver your vehicle: https://dowdysauto.com/appt.

If anything, please remember this. We understand that having reliable transportation is fundamental to your business and your life, which is why the services we provide cannot stop. Dowdy’s Automotive Service’s mission of keeping your family or business vehicles functional and reliable is more critical than ever. Thank you for your continued trust in Dowdy’s Automotive Service. We very much appreciate and value the confidence you place in us.

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