Best Automotive-related Movies to Help You Pass the Time

While much of the country is still practicing shelter-in-place due to the COVID-19 crisis, the team at Dowdy’s Automotive knows that everyone is going a bit stir-crazy. While you have the time, why not sit down and relax with a movie? Keep reading for a list of some of the best automotive-related films we know of to help you and your family pass the time!

Cars (2006), Family/Animated/Comedy

This popular cartoon film is a family favorite, and even inspired the ‘Cars Land’ themed area at Disney California Adventure amusement park! In a universe where the people are cars, this story follows rookie race car, Lightning McQueen, on his way to compete in the Piston Cup. Finding himself stuck in the little desert town of Radiator Springs, he learns the true meaning of racing and friendship. This film is perfect for families and is kid-friendly while being funny enough for adults to enjoy!

Gran Torino, (2008), Drama

For those interested in dramatic films, Gran Torino is for you. Starring Clint Eastwood as gritty Korean War veteran and widower Walt Kowalski, the film follows Walt and a young neighbor boy, Thao. Tasked with stealing Walt’s prized 1972 Ford Gran Torino for initiation into a gang, Thao is caught red-handed by Walt. He takes Thao under his wing, and they go on to form a strong and lasting bond with one another. While this movie might go over little ones’ heads, this award-winning movie is sure to intrigue teens and adults. 

Fast and the Furious (2001-2019), Action

With eight films and one spin-off film to date, the Fast and the Furious movie franchise has been going strong since 2001. For modern car enthusiasts and action lovers, these movies are hard to compete with! Though some scenes may not be appropriate for younger viewers, these fast-paced action films don’t get old. They’re sure to keep your attention from start to finish with their flashy cars, heists, and street racing. And for those with lots of time on their hands, the Fast and the Furious movies are the perfect binge-worthy series to begin.

The Italian Job (2003), Action/Thriller

A remake of the 1969 British classic, this film follows a thrown-together crew of high-end thieves planning to steal gold from an old associate who double-crossed the team. Spanning from Venice, Italy, to Los Angeles, California, this movie centers on elaborate plans and thrilling chases guaranteed to make your heart race. With a variety of cars on display and used throughout this film, there’s no wonder it made the list!

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Action

A loose remake of the 1974 version of Gone in 60 Seconds, this film follows a retired car thief, Randal “Memphis” Raines. Though retired, Memphis is tasked with saving his younger brother Kip from a gangster intent on revenge. He and his crew will need to steal fifty cars impounded by the police within seventy-two hours to settle the score. With a massive number of beautiful classic cars on display, this movie will satisfy any car enthusiast. 

Whatever you plan on doing during shelter-in-place, we hope that this blog finds you well! And remember, this list is to get you started on finding some automotive-related movies. There are plenty more to choose from! We invite you to contact our auto repair team at any of our five Treasure Valley locations. Our goal is to be your convenient, neighborhood shop, where you know you’ll be treated with kindness and respect. That is why we have gone out of our way to offer a touchless auto repair experience so you can feel a little safer when getting your car serviced. Please be sure to schedule a service appointment if you desire our team to happily pick-up and deliver your vehicle:

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