Automotive Technicans Needed

Here are a few reasons you would enjoy a career at Dowdy’s:

  • Our operating environment and advertising plan drives car count.
  • Store managers committed to your success.
  • Benefits include company paid medical insurance, retirement plan matching contributions, generous vacation, sick and holiday pay.

Fill out the form below to set up a brief (10-15 minute) initial phone interview. We just need your name and a contact phone number. Let us know when would be the best time to talk. We will call you to schedule an appointment.

Mutually Beneficial – not just words…a way of acting and treating each other in the workplace…

Dowdy’s most valuable assets are the people who come to work each day at our Treasure Valley stores. We believe in a work environment of Mutual Respect and Mutual Benefit.

Consequently, we need to get a lot of things right… at Dowdy’s we take this very seriously. We exist to serve Satisfied customers…and the easiest way to do that is to create a business full of Satisfied employees. In the 30 seconds I have your attention let me tell you about the five “pillars” on which Dowdy’s builds satisfied employees:

  1.  Great Compensation – without it great people will not stay… and our people stay.
  2. Super Benefits – generous vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, a retirement plan, company paid medical, disability and life insurance and dental insurance.
  3. Weekends and Holidays Off – time with your family or your favorite hobby or both!
  4. Respect and Professionalism – sadly lacking in the way many employers treat their staff.
  5. Commitment to Communicate – quarterly town hall meetings, an internal intranet to report progress and news, fun committee events for all to enjoy together.

Dowdy’s is big enough to provide all of the above but small enough that the owner still pays attention to the important details. And you are a very important detail. So “poke” around here and learn a little more about the company and our team. When you are done if you would like to visit with myself (16 years tenure) or our operating manager Tyler (14 years tenure) enter your information below and we will reach out. It’s completely confidential…and there is no obligation of any type… if that feels too “big brotherish” call our operations manager Kim (12 years tenure) at 208-972-5166 x502 and she will get you set up.

John Davis
Owner / CEO