Cleaning Cloudy Headlights Is Easier Than You Think

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash 

You’re driving along, and suddenly, your headlights get so cloudy that you can barely see. It’s a problem we’ve all faced at one time or another. But don’t worry! You don’t need to go out and buy expensive new headlights; cleaning them yourself with some household supplies and a little elbow grease is easy.

Do a visual inspection.

Before you start, it’s important to visually inspect your headlights for damage. If you have cracks or chips in the headlight, this can be easily repaired with a DIY kit from your local auto parts store. You should also ensure your headlights are clean and free of dirt, grime, and foggy buildup. Even if they look straightforward at first glance, sometimes they may not be as clean as they appear!

Finally, check the alignment of both headlights so that they’re facing correctly forward when driving straight down the road (and not crooked). These are serious problems if they come up–you may want to see us here at Dowdy’s if you notice anything off. 

Use a water hose (if needed).

If you have access to a water hose, use it. You’ll want to use a high-pressure nozzle and ensure the water isn’t too hot or cold. It’s best to use warm or room temperature water, but if you don’t have the option, don’t sweat it.

Once you’ve sprayed the headlight with water, wipe it off with a soft cloth and let it dry.

Wipe the headlight with rubbing alcohol.

Wipe the headlight with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will remove any remaining dirt and grime from your headlamp, but use a clean microfiber cloth to avoid damaging the lens. If you’re cleaning plastic lenses, avoid rubbing them with alcohol.

Buff the headlight with a microfiber cloth, applying pressure as necessary to remove all scratches.

You can use a microfiber cloth to buff the headlight. Buff in circular motions, applying pressure as necessary to remove scratches. Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth when you buff the headlight, as dirt or oil from your hands may lead to additional scratches.

Come See Us If You Need Further Assistance!

We hope this article has helped you understand that cleaning your headlights is not as difficult as it may seem. It’s essential to always keep safety in mind, so we recommend that you do these things when driving at night or through heavy fog. But if you want to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself, just let us know! Our technicians are ready and willing to help with any of your auto needs—so give us a call today.
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