Emissions Testing

Emissions Testing

If your car takes fuel and isn’t electric, then it needs a solid and reliable set of emission control systems. This equipment helps minimize the amount of pollutants that exit from the vehicle as we drive. Your “check engine” light is a good indicator that you may have an issue with your emissions system. If that’s the case, feel free to give us a call to schedule service. 

In extreme situations, poisonous emissions from a bad control system can start to creep inside your vehicle’s cabin. So if you begin to notice especially strong odors and then feel a little sleepy at the wheel, get your emission system checked out as quickly as possible!

Same-Day Diagnostics at Dowdy’s Automotive

Reviewing the computer diagnostics can help us quickly identify any emission control system failures and repair opportunities. Then we’ll talk with you about the options for any potential parts that might be required to get the job done.

We’re always eager to provide all our customers with same-day diagnostics whenever possible.

Our goal is to help you get your repairs wrapped up quick. Whenever you think your car is due for an emissions repair, please don’t hesitate to come by one of our locations.

Warning Signs of Poor Emissions Systems

In some ways, an emissions repair is one of the easiest issues to spot in a vehicle. But we always want to catch them sooner than later. These warning signs are a little more specific to faulty emissions equipment:

  • Worse gas mileage
  • Less power when accelerating
  • Sulfur/rotten egg smells
  • Check engine light comes on

Each of these warning signs should be a good motivator for coming to get the rest of your vehicle looked at. Fortunately, most emissions repairs can be relatively simple to sort out. And while your car is in the shop, we can also review any other general maintenance it might need. 

Educating Our Customers—Every Step of the Way

Dowdy’s Automotive has always had high standards for treating our customers right, and we know that a key piece of that is to keep you updated on your project from start to finish.

One of the primary things that sets our team apart is our communication.

We’re always going to get your approval for any repair or maintenance work before jumping into the job. Along the way, we’re always happy to talk you through the different options. Everyone’s on a budget, and that’s why we’re going to be clear about the costs upfront.

Moreover, if you can’t wait onsite while we complete the auto service, we’ll confirm the best way for us to reach out—whether that’s over the phone or through our new options for text and emails.

Getting your auto work done in the past may have been stressful, but we’re here to give you a whole new experience.

Car Emissions Repair Service

Maximizing your car’s efficiency is always a win. One of the best ways to do that is to start with an emissions repair. The work can usually end up saving you a good chunk of change at the gas pump. And there are a handful of other benefits:

  • Helps protect your engine long-term
  • More power while driving
  • Prevents oil contamination
  • Easily pass the emissions test
  • Better fuel efficiency

No surprise—an emissions repair service helps prevent your car from spewing out extra fumes. It’s just a one-time cost, and then you’ll be keeping more money in your pocket long-term. (Plus getting all the other perks too.)

Smog Check Repair for the Treasure Valley

Got a vehicle that failed a smog check? Or want to make sure you’re good-to-go before putting it through the test? Stop by Dowdy’s Automotive and we can get things sorted out. Our smog check repair services will help make sure your car is safe and fit for the road!

Exhaust and Mufflers Auto Service

We’ve all driven past cars with broken mufflers. They’re hard to miss because they’re usually really loud and distracting. If your car has been acting up, we can get things fixed.

Some quick repairs can get the vehicle driving nice and quiet again.

Of course, it’s not just about that. A broken exhaust system can significantly interfere with your engine’s performance. Obviously you’ll know something is wrong if the tailpipe is dragging. But other problems aren’t always as noticeable. An exhaust leak or failing muffler will cause your vehicle to have more emissions. Some of those gasses could even enter your cabin, and that’s a real safety concern—for carbon monoxide especially.

Catalytic Converter Repair

Your car’s emissions management process relies heavily on the catalytic converter. This piece of equipment works to mix fresh air into the exhaust system. As a result, your vehicle has cleaner emissions. On the other hand, any malfunctions with the catalytic converter might lead to a failed state or county emissions test.

Sometimes damaged hoses or valves are to blame. But there are other possibilities too. The catalytic converter has oxygen sensors to help keep track of how it’s performing. Over the years, those sensors might end up needing to be replaced.

It’s not impossible for this equipment to last through the entire lifetime of your car. But if it can’t make it that long, we’d be happy to handle that catalytic converter repair to get you back on the road with a more efficient car! Following through with the proper maintenance for your emissions system will hopefully let you avoid any issues now and later. 

Your Dealership Alternative for Auto Repairs

Dowdy’s Automotive is committed to providing fast service—without compromising on quality. Even better, we tend to be more efficient and more affordable than the competition. While a few types of warranty issues can only be handled by a dealership service department, our team can essentially address everything else.

Either give us a call to schedule an appointment, or just stop by whichever one of our shops is closest to you.

We’d be happy to help take care of any emissions repair service or other maintenance work your vehicle needs. We’ll also be sure to keep you informed of all the options you have available. Finding the most cost-effective solution is always our go-to. That’s part of the reason why we’ve been able to build such a loyal customer base over the years. If you haven’t worked with us yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out!