Heating & cooling systems

Heating & Cooling System

The Treasure Valley experiences all four seasons, where it’s hot, cold, and in-between. This type of environment requires essential heating and cooling features in your vehicle to keep you safe and comfortable while driving. Without it, we would all feel miserable driving to our destinations. If the heating or air conditioning system is acting up, you can trust the team at Dowdy’s Automotive to make it right.

Air Conditioning & AC Recharge

Scheduling an AC recharge or inspection is probably the best way to help you stay cool in your car all summer long. Whether you’re just taking a quick drive down the road to the store or have plans for a long road trip, your air conditioning system is crucial for being comfortable—regardless of the temperature outside.

If your air conditioning hasn’t been able to keep up with combatting hot weather, swing by the nearest Dowdy’s Automotive shop to have us run through an AC recharge. We’ll always want to consider the most cost-effective solution first. But if worse comes to worst, we can handle full AC system repair as well. Let’s talk and figure it out. Then you’ll be all set for the season and the coming years.

Radiator Flush & Repair

Your cooling system and the radiator work together to regulate the temperature under the hood of your car for the engine. If your car is overheating or it looks like there’s coolant leaking, you likely have an issue with the radiator or the cooling system as a whole.

Swing by our shop, and we can look at fixing things up with a quick coolant or radiator flush. And if there ends up being a radiator fluid leak, we’ll take care of that, so the problem doesn’t repeat itself. These minor repairs go a long way to keep your engine running at maximum efficiency.


Your vehicle’s heater is a smaller version of its AC system. Hot engine coolant is circulated through a small radiator, also known as a heater core. Positioned in front of the heater core is a fan that blows cold air over the fins. As cold air travels over the heater core, it becomes heated before blowing through the vents in your car.

Like your AC system, the heater core can suffer from many of the same issues. If it becomes clogged with dirt, sludge, and other debris, your heating system will no longer work. Leaks can also give off white steam, messing up your windows. At Dowdy’s Automotive, we’ll explore your heating system to identify any problems and repair them quickly. We specialize in refrigerant leaks, radiator issues, compressor and blower fans, belts, and recharging.

Honest, Reliable Auto AC & Heating Repair

At Dowdy’s Automotive, we believe your vehicle deserves top-of-the-line automotive repairs from a locally-owned shop that cares. That’s why it’s our mission to repair and maintain your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about the radiator, air conditioning, and heating services we offer in the Treasure Valley. We want you and your loved ones to feel safe and comfortable out on the road.

Either give us a call to schedule an appointment or just stop by whichever one of our shops is closest to you.

We’d be happy to help take care of any heating and cooling maintenance work your vehicle needs. We’ll also be sure to keep you informed of all the options you have available. Finding the most cost-effective solution is always our go-to. That’s part of the reason why we’ve been able to build such a loyal customer base over the years. If you haven’t worked with us yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out!