How Many Filters Are On Your Car?

Photo by Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered how many filters are in your vehicle and what are each of their functions? In this month’s blog, we will explain to you how many filters your car has and the reason why you should consider cleaning them often! 

Every car has four filters that allow it to run smoothly and without issues while you’re driving on the road! These filters include the cabin filter, the oil filter, the fuel filter, and the air filter. Your vehicle’s filters play an essential role in keeping it moving and working effectively, and for this exact reason, it’s necessary to give them the maintenance it needs. Forgetting to clean your vehicle’s filter can cause it to get clogged and affect your vehicle’s performance. 

But, do you know why each of your vehicle’s filters are important and their function? If you don’t, we will explain it to you below! 

  • Cabin Filter: Having your cabin filter clean is super important as it’s responsible for cleaning the outside air that gets inside the cabin. Forgetting to give it maintenance can reduce its performance, causing dirty air to get inside your vehicle’s cabin. 
  • Air Filter: Your vehicle’s air filter might sound similar to your cabin air filter. However, they have a huge difference! Your vehicle’s air filter prevents any insects, dust, sand, or debris from getting into your car’s engine. 
  • Fuel Filter: Just as it sounds, your vehicle’s fuel filter is in charge of removing any impurities like dust, rust, and grit contained in the fuel. It helps to protect your vehicle’s fuel injectors and plays a significant role in its performance! 
  • Oil Filter: Lastly, we have the oil filter, which maintains continuous oil flow and removes hazardous particles that might appear in your vehicle’s oil due to engine wear. 

Next time you think about giving your vehicle maintenance, consider checking each of the four filters, as it allows your vehicle to be in excellent conditions for you to drive it everywhere! If you ever need assistance with your car’s filter, visit us at Dowdy’s Automotive in Boise, ID. Here our expert team can help you and give your vehicle the attention and care it needs.

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