How to Prevent Your Vehicle from Fogging Up

Photo by Ernest Brillo on Unsplash

Many things can be annoying when getting into your car, but finding that your windshield is wholly misted over is the most annoying thing. Unfortunately, car windows fog up in the cold weather frequently, causing a temporary but still frustrating obstruction to your vision. 

In this month’s blog, we will share some tips on how to prevent your vehicle from fogging up. Here, we will explain why car windows fog up and suggest preventing it. 

Why does my vehicle fog up? 

The reason why is because weather fog sits inside or outside of your windows, it still produces the same effect. 

Some of the tricks that we have to help you prevent this are: 

Blast the air conditioning on in the winter: Even though it sounds insane to turn on your A/C during cold weather, this can help you from getting foggy windows.

Turn off recirculating air vents: If you don’t want to use the A/C, as we mentioned before, this is a more comfortable option for keeping car windows from fogging up in the winter. 

Pump the heat in the summer: Like blasting the A/C in the winter, turning on the heat in the summer sounds like an awful idea. However, the same technique applies here. By turning on the heat, you’ll raise your car’s temperature to match the outside temperature and prevent your windows from getting foggy. 

Use your windshield wipers (in the summer): If it’s hotter outside than inside your car, the simplest defogging solution is to wipe away the condensation with your windshield wiper.  

Before you even know about the tricks on preventing your vehicle from fogging up, you must know why this happens. If you ever struggle to understand why or are having issues preventing it, our expert auto mechanics can help you! 

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