How to Spring Clean Both the Exterior and Interior of Your Vehicle

It’s Spring, and many of us love to take this month to clean away the clutter from our lives! If you are like us, we have some helpful ideas on how to Spring Clean both your vehicle’s exterior and interior. So, we compiled a few videos where experts show some simple cleaning tips that will make your vehicle look squeaky clean.

First, you may want to begin by cleaning out your vehicle’s interior and organizing it. Here’s a great video from a mom who saves tons of money by cleaning and organizing her family vehicle independently.

If you want your car to look like it was cleaned by a pro, but you want to do it at home in a few easy steps, check out this video from Pan The Organizer:

But what if your car is relatively clean but has some dust on it? When the dust on your car is noticeable, and you want to remove it from your car’s interior and exterior, check out the power of the lambswool duster!

Does the interior of your vehicle look like a disaster zone? If you want to super clean the carpets and headliner of your car, check out this deep-clean video from ChrisFix:

Lastly, if you want your engine compartment to be super clean and sparkly, this how-to video is a must for anyone who wants to show their vehicle off in a virtual or in-person car show:

If you plan to take your vehicle out on a road trip during Spring Break, we invite you to Dowdy’s Automotive for a comprehensive safety inspection. We’ll do a visual inspection and notify you if your air filters, fluids, wiper blades, or brakes need to be addressed before you hit the road.

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