New Year’s Resolutions for Better and Safer Driving

As we look to the new year, many of us are very selective of our New Year’s Resolutions. 2020 was a year that forced us not to take things for granted. Now that we are moving into 2021, we encourage you to add better and safer driving to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Why do we, at Dowdy’s Automotive, ask you to make New Year’s Resolutions for better and safer driving? Well, during the time of COVID, we have noticed some big changes in our Treasure Valley communities that ask us all to be mindful, courteous, safer, and better drivers.

Newer residents may not know how to drive in our weather.
As you may already know, we have had many people from other states move into our area. Many of these drivers are not familiar with driving in snow or mountains, and they have not had much time to acclimate to our road conditions. Instead of getting upset about your fellow road warriors’ driving habits, be mindful that they may be inexperienced. Also, be extra careful and drive defensively to reduce the risk of an accident. Our community has always been friendly and kind. We should extend that courtesy of helping others and giving people the benefit of the doubt while driving on our highways and surface streets.

Some of our driving skills have become rusty since we’re not driving as often.
Do you remember how to operate your windshield wipers? We ask not because it’s a joke, but some of us genuinely forget if we haven’t experienced rain in a while. This is just one small example of how being out of practice can make our driving skills not feel as sharp as they used to be. It is worth repeating that mindfulness and defensive driving should be our go-to mode of operation when behind the wheel.

Texting while driving is still a no-no.
While we’ve been holed up at home, working, and learning from the comfort of our kitchen tables and home offices, the use of cell phones and mobile devices has increased dramatically. We often see our phones as an extension of ourselves, and we are continually checking message notifications and texts. However, all of that needs to be put away while operating a vehicle. Texting while driving is still a no-no, and it is in your best interest to not allow yourself to get distracted. Protect yourself, your passengers, and all objects outside of your vehicle by stowing away your cell phone and removing the temptation to text.

Pack a health kit in your car.
We all want to get past the pandemic, and we want to arrive alive. Sometimes, we humans are forgetful, and we forget to put on a mask before leaving the house. To counter that, be sure to store a few extra masks, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, tissues, and water in your vehicles. Being prepared means that you and your family can safely enter buildings and reduce the spread of viral infections.

Make sure your vehicle is well maintained.
If you had an emergency, like a natural disaster or an evacuation, would your car be ready to hit the road and remain reliable? If the answer is no, we strongly suggest you bring your vehicle into any of the five locations of Dowdy’s Automotive for service and repair. The last thing you want to worry about in case of a fire, a family emergency, or a job opportunity is a car that won’t safely get you where you need to go. Be prepared and take your vehicle in for preventive maintenance so you won’t add to the stress and chaos of an emergency.

Ask Dowdy’s Automotive when you have questions about auto repair and servicing your car.
We invite you to contact our auto repair team at any of our five Treasure Valley locations. Our goal is to be your convenient neighborhood shop, where you know you’ll be treated with kindness and respect. That is why we have gone out of our way to offer a touchless auto repair experience so you can feel a little safer when getting your car serviced. Please be sure to schedule a service appointment if you desire our team to happily pick-up and deliver your vehicle.

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