Safe Driving Habits for 2023

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Happy New Year, Idaho! It’s time to start picking your resolutions and finding ways to reach your goals. One suggestion from your local mechanic? Make some New Year’s Resolutions for your vehicle, too–such as safe driving for all of 2023!

Most of us try to be safe drivers no matter what, but tend to get lazy as things come up. Maybe you need to rush to an appointment, or have an important phone call as you drive to your kids soccer game. Safe driving is something you must intentionally pledge to each time you get in your vehicle–and we have some concrete ideas for how you can do it!  

Go Handsfree in 2023

It’s 2023, all. You can’t use your cell phone while driving. 

That’s the law, and it’s for your own safety. If you must use the phone while in the car with passengers, keep conversations brief and hands-free, preferably by using voice commands to answer calls or read text messages aloud so that you don’t have to look at them on the screen. You should also avoid texting while driving and using your phone in heavy traffic or when you’re stopped at a light.

This can make all the difference! 

Keep Your Mirrors and Windshield Clean

You need to see what’s going on in front of you and behind you.

Keep your windshield clean and periodically change out your wipers so you can see in storms and snow. Using a car-specific spray is the way here–window cleaner from inside your house won’t cut it! 

You want to see what is happening behind you, so it’s essential to keep your mirrors clean and well-positioned. Ensure that they are zeroed in when driving. If the mirrors aren’t positioned correctly, you will not be able to see what is behind you.

Maintain Decorum During Accidents

We’ve all seen it: traffic is caused because people are slowing down and trying to get a good look at someone else’s bad day. While you should be cautious about incidents and accidents that don’t involve you, don’t be a lookie-lou. It’s not a good idea to slow down to look at the scene of an accident or even stop your vehicle. If you do this, you could cause an accident yourself. 

Keep Your Car Organized and Clean

Keeping your car organized and clean can actually keep you safer! There’s nothing worse than water bottles or rubber balls underfoot as you drive–this puts you at risk of something slipping under the pedal and causing an accident. 

In 2023, make it one of your resolutions to keep your vehicle clean!  

Take Your Car In For Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your car. Many people don’t like taking their cars in for regular tune-ups, but as a mechanic I can’t emphasize enough how it’s worth it if you want to avoid expensive repairs down the line.

Your mechanic will check everything from your brakes and tires to the oil and fluids. They’ll also test any lights on your dashboard that might indicate a problem with another part of your car. A good mechanic will give you advice about how often certain things need fixing—like when it’s time for new brakes or an oil change—so keep track of those appointments, so you don’t miss them!

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