Here is a list of the different fluids your car needs


Photo by Robert Laursoo on Unsplash

Keeping a proper fluid level plays a huge part in almost every function of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s engine is not the only one that needs to be lubricated; there are different fluids in your car that you should be worried about. 

In May’s blog, we will share some of the different fluids your car needs and that you should be aware of checking constantly. If you schedule an oil change, ensure to also check all the other fluids simultaneously. 

Different fluids in your car 

Once you have your vehicle’s hood popped and securely propped open, check out the different fluids. 

  • Engine oil: The engine oil is one of the most common and often checked up. This oil allows your vehicle to be lubricated and run smoothly on the road. 

  • Coolant: The coolant fluid comes in different colors depending on your vehicle model; it can be blue, yellow, green, red, pink, or purple. 

  • Power steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid used in the steering system to create a hydraulic link between the steering wheel and the vehicle’s front wheels. 

  • Brake fluid: This type of fluid is responsible for transferring force into pressure and amplifying braking force. 

  • Transmission fluid: You must keep up with your vehicle’s transmission fluid in maintenance to allow your car to run smoothly. 

  • Windshield washer fluids: This fluid is formulated to keep your view as unobstructed as possible while you’re moving, allowing you to see any obstacles on the road. 

Ensure to check out these different fluids in your vehicle next time you do auto maintenance. If you’re not consistent in checking them, your car could experience reduced power, gas mileage, and a bigger chance of your vehicle breaking down or getting into an accident. 

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