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Are you tired of driving during the hot heat in Boise during August? We all have experienced that unpleasant feeling at least once, mainly when our car’s air conditioning is not working correctly. 

If you are one of those drivers who don’t enjoy the intense heat while driving. These five ways can help you stay cool during the hot weather on your vehicle! 

  • Use your air conditioning efficiently: The efficiency of using the car’s A/C during hot weather has dropped dramatically! And many people make the mistake of turning on the air conditioning before driving. Don’t turn on the A/C before; instead, do it while driving. You can also open the car’s door and sunroof to get rid of the hot air inside. 
  • Park in a shady area: Do not leave your car under the hot sun! The worst thing you can do is leave your vehicle parked in the hot weather. Instead, try to park in the shade; it is worth walking a little further than parking your car under the hot sun and feeling like being roasted alive! Also, by leaving your vehicle in the shade, you will be happy to enter your vehicle which is not so hot. 
  • Throw your blankets over your seat: If your car has leather seats, you probably know how hot these can get under the sun’s exposure! Many vehicles have a cooling system for your seats, but others don’t. You can throw a blanket to prevent getting it hot and not allowing you to sit comfortably. Remember that keeping your car’s seats fresh will make your car more pleasant on hot summer days. 
  • Leave your doors open before getting in: It can make your car’s interior more comfortable, allowing the heat to get out. You won’t feel as overwhelmed by the heat as much as leaving it inside your vehicle. 
  • Use a dash cover: Dash covers can prevent your car interior from getting hotter and make it more comfortable for you! It can also protect your vehicle vinyl from sun damage that can later cause cracking and fading. 

Many of us can imagine driving under the hot sun without our car’s air conditioning working correctly. But with the five top ways we just explained, it will help you keep your car cool during the hot weather and have a pleasant trip or enjoyable drive! 

If you ever feel that using these tips is not enough, and would rather take advantage of an excellent A/C system, come and visit us at one of our five locations! Make an appointment with us today. We are here to assist you!

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