Transmission Repair

Drivetrain Repair

Your vehicle’s drivetrain is made of a series of parts that essentially connect the engine to the wheels. Some of the primary components of the drivetrain are the suspension, axles, transmission and clutch. These all work together to keep your car running smoothly. If anything seems to be acting up, though, you can trust our team to help make it right.

Same-Day Diagnostics and Service is our Goal

Dowdy’s Automotive is locally-owned by a husband-wife duo. And although we’re always going to be a small business, we’re proud to have multiple shops throughout the Treasure Valley. Our team has been providing great service since 1986. If your vehicle has been acting up, we’re here to help. We’re always happy to connect with new neighbors.

Get your car in, get diagnosed, get things fixed, and then get on your way.

We know it’s important to keep your down-time to a minimum. That’s why most of our services are completed same-day whenever possible. Feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, just stop by the nearest Dowdy’s Automotive shop and we’ll get you into our rotation.

Car Starting to Veer?

You need total control of your vehicle to stay safe while on the road. That’s why repairs for your car’s alignments are so critical.

We handle alignments at our North Meridian shop, where we can do a comprehensive review of your steering system. Then we’ll also take a look at the wheel alignment. There’s likely an issue in one of these areas. When the car isn’t cooperating, just bring it to us!

Suspension & Stability Problems

All of your car’s tires need to have constant contact with the ground to drive correctly. But poor suspension can interrupt that. If there isn’t enough grip for the vehicle to firmly connect with the road surface, it can be difficult to have a good handle on the vehicle altogether. You might start to notice that the steering doesn’t feel as stable. Or that even just driving down a smooth road feels a little bumpy. All of that connects with your car’s suspension.

Then again, worn-down shocks and struts can offset your car’s balance too.

These parts are designed to keep your vehicle stable as you move into a turn or start accelerating. They also help prevent jerky movements when you encounter an uneven road surface or need to brake. Basically, without good shock and struts, you’re going to have a car that bounces and tires that wear out much quicker. We can fix that.

Clutch and Transmission Repairs

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, both types of cars have a clutch. It’s all about transferring torque from the engine. The clutch system is responsible for actually engaging the transmission, which is how the engine’s power moves the wheels.

The transmission itself can have hundreds of interdependent parts. That’s why it’s arguably the most complex system in your vehicle. Unfortunately, it also means it can be expensive to fix. Our transmission maintenance services can help you avoid more costly repairs later on.

Axle Service

Whenever your vehicle is making a new noise, that’s a good indicator that you’ll want a technician to check things out. Some types of “clicking” or “knocking” sounds can come from a faulty CV joint or axle.

Your car’s axles can get damaged for a handful of different reasons.

There might have been a significant impact from a recent accident. Or problems might have come up after hitting a big pothole or even just going over a speedbump.

Wheel Bearing Projects

Your vehicle’s wheel bearings keep your wheels and tires rolling smoothly. If they need replacing, you’ll probably notice a few warning signs. It might be a new sort of “humming” noise while driving or a clicking sound. Other times the wheels are going to squeal or growl.

A more obvious reason to bring your vehicle into the shop is when your wheels have started to rock or wobble. This is going to have serious consequences on your control of the car. The steering wheel could start to vibrate even when you’re driving on a smooth surface. Old bearings can also cause the car to pull off to one side of the road. There will likely be uneven tire wear too. Getting these repairs done quickly can help prevent a whole slew of future problems. A quick inspection will let us know what’s really happening—and how to correct it.

Car Alternator and Electrical Work

A dead alternator might be the reason why your car won’t start. But even just a faulty alternator can lead to a slew of problems. Its job is to convert the chemical energy of your combustion engine into electrical energy, which means it’s responsible for replenishing the engine battery and running other electrical components your car needs to run properly. If things are starting to act funny, let us take a look and run some diagnostics. Then we can share our recommendations for the most cost-effective solutions.

Headlight Repair

Your car’s headlights aren’t only there to help you see the road at night and during poor weather conditions. They’re also a crucial part of keeping you safe. Bright lights let other drivers see you, so you want to make sure you’re getting both types of visibility while you’re behind the wheel. If you’ve got a headlight out, we can help you replace the bulb or check for bad components like a broken fuse or relay.

Trust Your Neighborhood Auto Shop!

As a small business, we know how critical it is to follow through and work to exceed your expectations. Going directly to a dealership, on the other hand, can often make things more complicated with higher prices and difficult scheduling options. Your auto repair work and maintenance shouldn’t have to feel like a hassle.

Dowdy’s Automotive is here to help give you peace of mind with great, cost-effective service and down-to-earth communication.

We always contact our customers as soon as possible if there are ever any variations to the original estimate. Moreover, our maintenance services are backed up by some of the strongest warranties in the industry—even when compared to other companies all across the country.