What Is the Difference Between a Pre-purchase Inspection & a Pre-sale Inspection?

If you plan to buy a used car or sell your used car in the future, the auto repair team at Dowdy’s Automotive wants to educate you on the difference between a Pre-Purchase Inspection and a Pre-Sale Inspection.

First, let’s talk about the scenario when you want to buy a used car. You are combing through the local dealerships, online purchase sites, and classified ads when you finally see a vehicle that matches your specifications. You contact the seller to schedule a time to see the vehicle. You might get the opportunity to sit in it, take it for a test drive, and it looks like it’s going to be a sound purchase, right?

Well, before you grab the money out of your wallet and pay for the vehicle, it is in your best interest to take the vehicle into Dowdy’s Automotive for a Pre-Purchase Inspection. What you want to do is ask the seller if you can take the vehicle to your mechanic for an inspection before committing to the purchase. Most sellers agree to do so if the car is in good shape. If the seller denies you the opportunity to have it inspected by your mechanic, that might be a large enough red flag for you to walk away from this particular used vehicle because it may be a lemon.

When you bring the vehicle to Dowdy’s Automotive, we will perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection. We will provide you with a full report of what’s right with the vehicle, what needs attention, and what needs to be repaired immediately. This report is very comprehensive, and you can use it as a negotiating tool if the vehicle has major repair issues. Truly, a Pre-Purchase Inspection will save you lots of money and heartache in the long run.

Next, we will look at the flip side, which is a Pre-Sale Inspection. A Pre-Sale Inspection is what the seller of a vehicle will want to do before putting the vehicle on the market. Savvy sellers will invest the money to get a fully comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper report from Dowdy’s Automotive about the vehicle. Then, the seller can decide if they want to make any needed repairs before the sale. Once the seller has a complete understanding of what is running perfectly and what requires attention on the vehicle, the seller not only has more substantial negotiating power but can provide the Pre-Sale Inspection report to the buyer. When the seller shows proof of the vehicle to the buyer with this report, the vehicle can be sold at a greater value, and the buyer can feel more confident in the purchase.

Either way, the buyer or the seller who invests in a Pre-Purchase or a Pre-Sale Inspection is going to come out on top of the deal. An important thing to note is that these complete inspections do take some time. Therefore, it is critical to schedule an appointment with Dowdy’s Automotive repair team to prioritize the inspection. Scheduling an appointment is available online, or you can call us directly if you prefer to speak to one of our team members.

Contact our auto repair team at any of our five Treasure Valley locations. Our goal is to be your convenient neighborhood shop, where you know you’ll be treated with kindness and respect. That is why we have gone out of our way to offer a touchless auto repair experience so you can feel a little safer when getting your car serviced. Please be sure to schedule a service appointment if you desire our team to happily pick-up and deliver your vehicle.

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