What To Do To Have Your Vehicle Ready For Back To School

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Back-to-school season is always busy. You may be the neighborhood carpool, need to go across town to get the trendy backpack your high-schooler insists on getting, or go back and forth between try-outs, auditions, and back-to-school nights. Whatever your back-to-school schedule looks like, Dowdy’s has your list of vehicle to-do’s before the big first day of school begins.

Check your tires using the penny test and start thinking about your winter set.

When it comes to winter tires, there’s no such thing as too early! If you don’t have them yet, now is a great time to get a set installed. In addition to helping prevent accidents by keeping control in slippery conditions, they also help save on gas because they increase fuel efficiency by 10% or more. 

Additionally, double-check your tire for tread and air pressure. If the tread is low (you can check this by sticking a penny into the tread…if you can see Abe’s face, then it’s too low!), you can look into getting a replacement set. And don’t forget, tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles. Rotating front to back and side to side will prevent uneven wear and improve gas mileage by up to 3%.

Make sure your fluids aren’t running low.

There’s nothing worse than realizing your car is low on gas, oil, or windshield wiper fluid as you wait in the back of the carpool line. Make sure all of your fluids are topped off by your mechanic before you start making those supply list shopping trips.

Check that AC–it’s still hot!

It’s going to get cooler soon, Idaho, but it’s still pretty warm! Don’t let a meltdown happen because the AC is out. Those first few mornings of school will be difficult enough as everyone adjusts to their new schedules and tames those first-day butterflies.

Double check safety features with a mechanic. 

Before your back-to-school activities, it’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s safety features. Ensure your seat belts, airbags, and child safety seats are in good condition. Also, inspect your vehicle’s lights, brakes, and horns for problems. Check your wiper blades to ensure they’re still in working order (they can get worn out over time).

Check the battery, too—if it needs replacement, it’s best to do that before school is back in session so you won’t be caught off guard by a dead battery or have to have someone jump-start your car when you need it most! 

Finally, ensure there aren’t any suspicious noises coming from under the hood—this could mean something needs attention immediately, like an exhaust leak which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if not addressed immediately!

Come see us for your back-to-school check-up!

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