Why Your Vehicle Still Needs Maintenance Even if You Aren’t Driving It

Did you know that if your car sits around for too long, your vehicle runs the risk of having a dead battery plus fuel and lube issues? 

To understand what we mean, think about your own body. When you sit around for too long, your muscles atrophy, your circulation is affected, and you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your organs. That’s why exercise is way more than just a way to keep weight off. Instead, exercise creates motion, and for your body, motion is lotion. If you want to feel better, get outside and go for a walk. Your body will thank you.

Now, back to the car that’s been sitting in your driveway for a while. Much like your body, motion is lotion for your vehicle as well. Your vehicle will benefit when you start it up at least once per week. Let it run for at least 20 minutes. Starting up the car recharges your battery. Letting it run for at least 20 minutes gets the engine moving and all the fluids circulating. 

Fuel gets stale over some time and destabilizes, so taking your vehicle for a spin keeps everything operating as it should. Fuel separation issues are more of a problem with carburetors on old cars, bikes, and ATV’s. The new gas gums up if you don’t run the carbs dry or use stabilizer, some times in as little as six months. If you put a few drops of a good stabilizer into your fuel tank when you are storing over that time, that could help prevent damage. Or, you can start them every month for a few minutes. 

Many times, people are surprised that their vehicles require maintenance when they haven’t been driven in a while. Here are some of the unexpected things we see when inspecting cars that have been sitting idle for a while:

  • Chewed up wires, belts, or hoses due to hungry rodents taking up residence in the engine compartment
  • Dry and brittle rubber on the windshield wipers that need to be replaced
  • Tires that need more air
  • Fluids that need to be topped off, especially if a leak has developed
  • Excessive dust, pollen, dirt, or debris in the air filters

To put it simply, when you don’t take care of your car regularly, it is highly likely that it will be less reliable. No one wants a broken-down vehicle, and preventive maintenance helps reduce that risk.

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