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Coronavirus Company Procedures

DAS-All Stores – Staff Procedures to Minimize Virus or Pathogen Spread

Description: The following procedures are designed to protects staff and customers alike through activities designed to reduce the potential for airborne or surface pathogens to be transmitted to customers or staff in Dowdy’s Automotive Store locations. 

  • Store personnel will minimize social contact with customers or staff by avoiding handshakes in favor of fist or elbow bump and will not engage in hugs or other common social activities which could expose one to airborne or surface pathogens. 
  • Store personnel will maintain a heightened awareness of the need for hand washing (the best defense against pathogen spread) and will engage good hand washing technique after any customer interaction that puts them in close physical proximity or contact with the customer or staff member and surfaces that may have been contaminated. 
  • Store personnel will always wash hands thoroughly before returning to public areas after using restroom facilities or eating food or after returning to the store facility from public areas (e.g. store, parts vendors, etc…) outside of our store facility.
  • In the event store staff is unable to immediately utilize hand washing after interacting with a customer, staff or vendor they should utilize the hand sanitizer available in the public lobby area followed up by a thorough hand washing as soon as able. 
  • Store staff will not sneeze or cough “into their arm” or clothing or into the air, based on latest CDC guidance. Staff will utilize a tissue and sneeze or cough into the tissue followed by immediate disposal of the tissue material and use of hand sanitizer or preferably a thorough hand washing. 
  • If a staff member is symptomatic with any respiratory or fever symptoms they should not report for work and report to their direct supervisor their absence within normal HR policies. The staff member will not “show up” at the store facility to notify their supervisor… all notification must be done via telephone.   
  • If a staff member is notified that they have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient they must immediately notify their supervisor by phone and follow all guidance provided by their primary care physician and/or public health agency.  The effected staff member will not be welcome to rejoin staff until they have been cleared by both their primary care physician and the applicable public health agency. 


If a staff member is notified by a customer or public health agency that the store staff or location have been frequented by a member of the public identified as having a positive COVID-19 test result that information must be communicated immediately to the Dowdy’s Automotive Service Operating Manager or 43rd State Holdings Operations Manager in his absence. A plan specific to that store or staff will be implemented in conjunction with the public health agency and a deep sanitizing clean of the affected facility will be undertaken before re-opening to the public. 

Dowdy’s Automotive Service LLC - All Stores – Enhanced Store Sanitization Procedures:

Description:  During an acknowledged influenza or cold season or during a time of virus outbreak or heightened concern Dowdy’s Automotive will implement enhanced store sanitization procedures. The objective of this procedure is to assure a reduced potential for pathogen spread through airborne particles or surface contamination to customers or staff within our store environments. The operating manager will determine when these procedures are implemented annually and will communicate to each general manager accordingly. 


Outsourced Cleaning Vendor Activities: 

  • The operating manager will meet regularly with the cleaning contractor(s) responsible for weekly cleaning and sanitization of store facilities. Special emphasis will be on sanitization of door handles, knobs and pulls as well as comprehensive cleaning of customer countertops, chair arms, sinks and restroom facilities and well as water/coffee bar installations and equipment. 
  • The cleaning contractor(s) will verify use of CDC/EPA reviewed sanitizing agents known to kill pathogens on contacts. 

Internal Lobby and Customer Area Procedures: 

  • Each lobby will have counter signage asking that all visitors to a store location use an approved 60% or greater alcohol hand sanitizer which will be provided in a pump style container at the front counter. 
  • A pump style container of hand sanitizer will be provided at each counter location. Each store will maintain a supply adequate to operate for 90 days without resupply. In the event a national supply shortfall makes supplies unavailable signage will request that customers consider washing their hands as all restroom facilities are close to the lobby counter areas.  
  • Customer communication outlining Dowdy’s procedures for maintaining sanitary store locations will be posted in a counter signage format with “take away” copies available for customers who wish one. 
  • Tissue boxes will be provided in each lobby waiting area and at the front counter of each store for customers who may need a tissue. A waste receptable will be provided in the customer lobby area for disposal of tissues. 
  •  A bottle of Clorox Disinfecting wipes and a bottle of Lysol Disinfecting Spray will be available in each customer bathroom for use by customers prior to use of the restroom facility. 


Lobby and Customer Area Sanitization Procedures: 

  • Each hour during operating hours the designated front end staff will sanitize the front lobby areas as follows: 
  • Utilizing a Clorox disinfecting wipe or Clorox Clean Up with Bleach spray cleaner all customer counter, coffee bar, door pulls and push bars or door handles and restroom surfaces will be disinfected using a paper- based applicator (paper towel or shop towel). The paper applicator will be disposed of following use.  
  • Sanitization will include door handles/pulls/push bars to office or shop areas in order to protect staff from spread of pathogens. 
  • The restroom will be reviewed and if a full toilet cleaning is necessary (as indicated by the visual presence of waste material) the toilet will be cleaned using the approved sanitizing toilet cleaner and a toilet brush. 
  • The front-end staff will maintain and complete a daily log to assure the procedure is being implemented consistently. 
  • The operating manager will review logs weekly to assure staff accountability and consistency. 

Dowdy’s Automotive Service LLC - All Stores - Vehicle Sanitization Procedure: 


Incoming Vehicles: 

  • Sanitize the following external and internal elements of vehicle coming into the service facility;
    • Steering Wheel;
    • Floor/Console or Column mounted shifter
    • Column mounted turn signal or other stalks (e.g. wiper, info center, etc…)
    • Dashboard, console switches or other surfaces that receive surface contact
    • Internal and external door handles and door grabs. 
    • Center console or other armrests (e.g. captain chairs, etc… )
    • Hood and/or trunk and gas cap release levers, switches or buttons. 
    • Glove box or center console storage releases or buttons. 
  • Staff will utilize an approved disinfecting agent from the EPA list released 3/3/2020 (https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2020-03/documents/sars-cov-2-list_03-03-2020.pdf). 
  • Staff will utilize a paper-based towel or other applicant following manufacturers instructions and will immediately dispose of the applicant after use. 
  • Facility staff will wear nitrile gloves during application and sanitizing process. 
  • This procedure will be completed on all vehicles prior to movement to the service bay work areas by front end staff.  
  • The completing staff member will utilize the provided sanitizing process stamp documenting completion of the sanitization process on the customer repair order. 
  • The Operating Manager will review a representative sample of Repair Order’s weekly to verify that the procedure is being completed consistently. 

Outgoing Vehicles: 

  • After technician completion of all services the sanitization process outlined in the “incoming vehicle” process will be completed again by front end staff. 
  • A vehicle will not be released to the customer prior to completion of this process. 
  • The completing staff member will complete that portion of the sanitizing process stamp for “outgoing vehicles” and notify the assigned service manager that the process is complete and the vehicle is released for return to the customer.  

Store Supplies/Logistics: 

  • Each store will maintain a “sanitizing kit” in the front counter area which will include the following:
    • Carry tote containing all cleaning materials labeled Sanitizing Kit Do Not Remove from Front Counter Area and the name of the store. 
    • One bottle Clorox Disinfecting Wipes or equivalent from EPA list. 
    • One bottle Clorox Spray Cleaner Clean Up + Bleach or equivalent from EPA List. 
    • One full roll of paper towels or paper shop towels for application of sanitizing agent. 
  • Stores will maintain a minimum supply of the above products to operate for approximately 90 days without resupply. Resupply orders should be emailed to the operations manager upon use of the last bottle or unit of any product specified above. Restocks will be sent directly to the store. 

Dowdy's Automotive Coronavirus Updates:

A Message From Our CEO Touchless Pickup/Dropoff Company Procedures